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"locally grown english flowers, sent countrywide"

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Flowers will be delivered fresh from Emma's Florists situated at Viewtown nurseries in enchanting Cornwall. The nursery is situated in the picturesque and romantic Tamar Valley very near to historic National Trust property of Cothele House. The fertile Tamar Valley has been famous for its produce in past generations as it has an ideal climate for the production of flowers.


Our family nursery has been producing flowers for three generations since the 1920's, and is reknowned for its wonderful variety of beautiful blooms, guaranteeing ultimate freshness. We specialize in spectacular Alstroemeria. We send all our flowers in tight bud to prolong vase life and thus, your enjoyment.

Our outdoor Alstroemeria crop in the early morning mist









Indoor crop of Alstroemeria, harvested in tight bud to prolong vase life.






Send a touch of Cornwall to your friends and family nationwide. Flowers will be expertly presented with ribbon, flower food and a personal message in a smart presentation box.



Eucalyptus plantation at the nursery that we harvest throughout the Winter months.





larger glasshouse for year round production of flowers









Beautiful daffodils grown in the Tamar Valley - small image







1926 - daffodils were picked in huge
quantities in the Tamar valley and transported by train throughout the



All prices are inclusive of postage and packing  and will be sent by first class post. Please allow three working days for orders to be delivered from the time of ordering. With orders for Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas, and Mothers day, please allow ten days prior notice. Guaranteed next day delivery available for £6.00 Extra on any order (not applicable Sundays).
1926 - Before the introduction of imported flowers, daffodils were picked in huge quantities in the Tamar valley and transported by train throughout the country.






1956 - Back breaking toil on the scenic slopes of the Tamar valley!



















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